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Every person, regardless of their traits, character, or disposition, deserves respect everyday, everywhere, but especially in our Courts where the accused are to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, and those with disputes stand equal to present their case before a fair and just Court. 

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Timothy Clark’s Opinion

A Judge’s place is to assure all that come before the Court are treated fairly, respectfully, and with dignity. A Judge must assure the law is followed without bias or influence.

A Judge is also an elected official by the people and though that position must be without compromise in a Courtroom, it should also be used to advocate outside a Courtroom where our Freedoms and Liberties are under attack.

In the world as we know it today, many of us hardly recognize our great country and society. Change is inevitable, but the direction is not. It is now time for those elected by the people to stand up, push back on the atrocities being applied to our Freedoms, Liberty, and our Constitution. It is time for those in elevated positions to make a stand, draw a line in the sand, and to accept that being uncomfortable is what is needed. It is easy to say a few words to a like-minded crowd, but it is uncomfortable to do so where many oppose your stance.

We have many who make great speeches but few who will enter the fire to stand up, regardless of cost or tactics that must be used, to help unite us to change the direction our country is taking. Unfortunately, we collectively as Texans and Americans have stated our opinions to our friends, and like-minded people, just as the politicians do nightly on T.V., to the same affect….Nothing.

We can do the same thing that has been done for decades, complain about a system that is corrupt and vial, hoping somehow without discomfort effort it will magically change course, or we can find a voice, become uncomfortable, stand up, travel to raise our voices in unison, and fight like hell at every opportunity to regain our Freedoms and Liberties we grew up knowing, becoming a force of reckoning, a participant and not an observer, becoming the foundation to build upon to change the course our country is taking.

We can demand of our elected officials at every level to stand, argue, and fight every time we see an opportunity to stop the bad direction, we find ourselves heading. If we fail to demand these elected officials fight for us, and not with mere words of civility, but in the trenches as those that are steering us to the brink of abyss are doing, then we are certain this path to erase America as we know it will succeed.

It is time to become uncomfortable, it is time to move to change our direction back to where Freedom and Liberty are not terms that are negotiable for the sake of safety, they are terms etched in our DNA as Texans and Americans and we must fight to take them back. Just as a stone rolling down a mountain gains speed, so can our cause, if only we can find true Leaders to unite us, all of us, sinners and saints, to help us combine our efforts to steer us back to Freedom, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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