Timothy M. Clark

For 122nd District Court Judge

As a Judge one has the honor to serve the community in a way that makes a difference not only on an individual scale, but also on a greater scale, one that transcends party lines because a fair and just Judge will not always rule in a manner the masses deem as right, they will rule on the facts and evidence presented making decisions upon a sound foundation of core values which we all share. Values that; Honor our Constitution, Trust in God, and believe in America and our way of Life

Learn more about myself and my opponent in this candidate forum done by Galveston County GOP and i45Now.

Honest, Trustworthy, Fair

Member of the Community

Galveston County has been my home since 1975 when my parents moved to a two lane town known as League City, Texas.  This is where I graduated High School, Married my High School Sweetheart, and raised our children.  I have been a resident of Santa Fe, Texas since 1989.  It is my hope that you will find me a worthy candidate to be your next 122nd Judicial District Court Judge and allow me to be of service to our community.

Community Support

No One does anything truly alone; Sometimes we need some support along the way.  The Race will be long and expensive.  If you would like to support a person who would work for you then I encourage you to do so, but I hope you find it that I am the right person for the job, a Judge who will always be Honest, Trustworthy and Fair.

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