Timothy M. Clark

for 122nd Judicial District Court Judge

With the stepping down of the Honorable Judge Ellisor I saw an opportunity to give back to this County and Community I have called home since I was around 12 years old.

With your support I want to assure every person, regardless of their traits, character, or disposition, get the fairness and respect they deserve if they should find themselves in the 122nd District Court. A place, where if elected as Judge, I can assure the accused are held to be innocent until proven guilty and those that enter to settle a civil dispute stand equal to present their case before a fair, impartial, and just Court.

The duties of a Judge are not easy. Often decisions have to be made that go against the mindset of the masses or the elite. I believe the Court is where we all stand as equals and a Judge should see each of us as that, equal in the eyes of the Law, the Court and our God.

Texas Roots

I was born in Midland, Texas. My Father was a licensed Master Plumber and my mother was a licensed Cosmetologist who owned a beauty shop in Midland. Times became difficult so my father went to work as a Union Electrician and we moved up north for him to find work. My folks, both from Texas, wanted to see their only son go through school in one place so we moved to League City, Texas around 1975.

I went to Clear Creek High School, starting 9th grade at the age of 12. I graduated at the age of 16 and married my high school sweetheart in August of the same year. We endured the disappointment of our parents, saying we had no idea what we were doing, it would not last, and on and on. Well 41 years later she is still putting up with me, I am a very blessed man.

I spent over 25 years working as a pipe welder, fabricator and supervisor in the industrial trades. I have been working in a management position in a chemical plant for over 16 years along with practicing law for 7 years.

I am not your typical lawyer type.

I worked full time at the plant and obtained my bachelor’s degree and by great fortune, my Law Degree from South Texas College of Law, all by taking night classes and holding down a full time Job.

I am a blue-collar person at heart who believes in this Country, our County and our People.

As a solo Attorney I have had the opportunity to help people in family matters, criminal matters, probate matters, and civil matters. Being a lawyer has allowed me to help working people like me at times when they need someone on their side. I hope to be able to do the same as Judge of the 122nd District Court by assuring those that enter the Courtroom, do so on a level, fair and impartial playing field.


I have been married to my beautiful bride for 41 years, since I was 16 years old. We have three children, all raised in Santa Fe, Texas, two of which are married so we inherited two more as they are like our own to us. We have a total of 7 grandchildren from a year old to teenagers.

My wife and I raised our family here in Galveston County, the place we grew up. This County is my family’s home and has been my home since 1975.

My wife Janet, picture right, with Professor Gerald Treece of South Texas College of Law at an Advocacy dinner.

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