Timothy M. Clark

For 122nd District Court Judge

FREEDOM and LIBERTY: I believe we, as Texans and Americans, should have our Freedom and Liberty protected from government imposition.

Tim Clark Education & Experience

Candidate for 122nd District Court Judge

Tim Clark’s Education

Candidate for 122nd District Court Judge

  • Associate of Applied Science in Non-Destructive Technology-San Jacinto College 2005
  • Bachelors of Science in Organizational Leadership- University of Houston 2010
  • Juris Doctorate- South Texas College of Law 2013
  • Texas State Bar License- May 2014

My education from high school up to around 2002 was not something I thought about. I enjoyed making my living and supporting my family working in the industrial construction field. I later decided to become a Certified Welding Inspector thus I worked to obtain my Associates Degree and then took my examination to become a Certified Welding Inspector.

A few years after taking a position in a chemical plant over all maintenance and construction I decided to pursue a legal education and become a licensed attorney. Working full time and going to college in the evenings I pursued that legal education, first obtaining a bachelor’s degree and then, in three years, working full time, obtaining my Law Degree followed by successfully passing the Texas State Bar exam.

My path to becoming an attorney involved not only the academic education requirements, but along with that education over 41 years of real-life experience. Life tends to provide a unique education that an academic setting cannot provide.

One of my most memorable moments was the day the Honorable Lawrence “Larry” Gist swore me in as a Texas Attorney. Judge Gist was my Criminal Trial Advocacy professor and I admired him greatly. He instilled in me that a Judges job was to assure all the facts were heard, but for the most prejudicial. He said trust in yourself and the jury, because for the most part things would be decided just and correct so long as nothing was hidden. My wife and I drove to Beaumont, Texas where Judge Gist took time to swear me in. Judge Gist passed away on October 19, 2019 but what he passed on to me will not be forgotten.

I am a member of :

  • The State Bar of Texas
  • The Houston Bar Association
  • The Galveston County Bar Association
  • The Texas Bar College

What Timothy Clark Stands For

Candidate for 122nd District Court Judge

1. FREEDOM and LIBERTY: I believe we, as Texans and Americans, should have our Freedom and Liberty protected from government imposition.
No Mask Mandate!
No Vaccine Mandate!
These are decisions that MUST be left to individuals.

2. Less Government regulations and interference. I believe we should demand our Legislators purge our regulations and laws because they are so voluminous, so archaic, so onerous against our freedoms, and make them concise and narrowly tailored to assure the least infringement upon our God given Rights as free people.

3. I believe a Courtroom is one place we all stand on a level field regardless of our appearance, stature, religious beliefs, or any other characteristic. A Courtroom is the last place we as a free society have where we can resolve our conflicts and controversies in a civil manner. It is where we get to state our position…in full.

It is a place where all evidence but the most extremely prejudicial comes in. Where no pompous attorney gets to exclude one from getting their facts and story to the Jury by crafty objections, or friendship with the Court.

The Court is a place where we should expect the issues, whether local or national, are heard. As time has shown Courts can ignore an issue and leave what needs deciding, undecided.

4. The Bill of Rights: These first 10 amendments of our United States Constitution should not be trifled with and should be restored to their original contextual meaning, reversing the exceptions granted by Courts which impose upon our Liberties.

My opinion is the exceptions granted to these amendments by our High Court over the decades, though perhaps with good intent, have had the long lasting effect of washing away our Freedoms and Liberties, and providing the government actors with the legal shield to violate our rights, our liberties, and perhaps at times, even our right to pursue happiness.

We must learn to stand together as one, speak as one, and be one to save our Great Nation.

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